The Daedric Prince Collection


The Daedric Princes collection consists of 12 polishes: ten are inspired by Daedric Princes in Skyrim and two are inspired by the lands traveled to by The Dragonborn in two of the available DLCs. The Daedric Princes polishes are inspired mainly by each Prince's artifact or their plane of Oblivion. The Daedric Princes are largely malevolent, cruel and mischievous while one or two are considered good, all demand to be paid proper tribute and respect. Artifacts are awarded to The Dragonborn for completing quests for that Prince and can be a weapon, armor or jewelry imbued with special powers exclusive to that object. Honor these deities by adorning your nails with these mythical shades.

This listing is for the complete 12 polish collection including: Sheogorath, Vaermina, Molag Bal, Hircine, Nocturnal, Peryite, Hermaeus Mora, Meridia, Sanguine, Azura, Solstheim, Soul Cairn. Plus by buying all 12 shades at once you get two polishes in the collection for free!

Includes free U.S. shipping for this collection and a price break in international shipping!

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