Baron Samedi


Baron Samedi is a gray holographic polish with red flash and small holographic silver flakes.

Baron Samedi is a Loa of the dead and a powerful Loa to call for help when casting curses or using black magic. Like the other Barons he loves obscenity, debauchery and disruption. He takes delight in continous swearing, making filthy jokes as well as smoking and drinking. When someone dies, he will dig their grave and lead their soul to the underworld after they have been buried. If he refuses to dig someone's grave, even if someone is on the verge of death, they will not die. This and the fact he can cure any disease or wound (if he chooses) is why he is also called for healing and ressurection. He is depicted as wearing a top hat, black tail coat, cotton plugs in his nostrils and a white or more often skull face.

Photo credit to Kimireeree Facebook and Instagram

Photo credit to Lavish Layerings Blog and Instagram

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